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The SAQ adoption program has been running since 2003 and we have successfully re-homed over 600 Standardbreds, retired from their racing careers. Some of these horses were retired due to injuries, or simply because they lacked speed. ›› Read more


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The SAQ can provide Standardbred owners with show registration cards that are necessary to contest agricultural shows and participate in the National High Point Awards and the SAQ Annual Awards. ›› Read more



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2015/2016 Standardbred National High Points Competition

The SAQ competitors did extremely well in the 2015/16 competition and we would like to Congratulate all Queensland entrants, all ended up in the National Top 5 for their section! Our own members, Sarah Millard and her lovely mare Catcha Crystal won National Champion Led Mare and National Champion Ridden Mare and has been crowned 2016 National Performance Horse of the Year, and Candice Wilkins and her stunning Stallion Mystical Strike took out National Champion Senior Led Stallion and Dens Blue Beejay took out National Champion Senior Led Gelding. Debbie Summerhayes and the lovely Last of the Farm also achieved a Top 4 placing in the National Led Gelding Competition. Please see all results and prizes following the below link:

Click here for the 2015/16 NHPC results

2016/2017 Standardbred National High Points Competition

Members of the Standardbred Pleasure & Performance Associations, in Australia, are invited to take part in this exciting National, members-only, competition.
There will be junior and senior sections in the competition as follows:

  • Juniors-handler/rider to be under 18 years of age on 1st July 2016
  • Junior Led Gelding Junior Led Mare
  • Junior Ridden Gelding Junior Ridden Mare
  • Seniors-handler/rider to be 18 years or over on 1st July 2016
  • Senior Led Gelding
  • Senior Led Mare
  • Senior Led Stallion
  • Senior Ridden Gelding
  • Senior Ridden Mare
  • Senior Ridden Stallion

With the following states Tasmania, Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia all now taking part in what has the capacity to become one of the largest show-ring competitions in Australia.
Each state association, participating in this season’s competition, has nominated 4 shows that offer led and ridden classes that lead to a Supreme Led Exhibit sash presentation and a Ridden Champion sash presentation.

SAQ will once again be offering the Standardbred National High Points Competition this year. A big thank you to our Show Secretary, Gaylene Teichmann, who has been working with the Show Society’s to secure additional classes in the SNHPC Shows.

The Nominated Shows for Queensland are:

  • Warwick Agricultural Show - Sunday 26th March, 2017 (confirmed)
  • Marburg Agricultural Show - Saturday 13th May, 2017 (confirmed)
  • Kalbar Agricultural Show - Saturday 24th June, 2017 (confirmed)
  • Redcliffe Agricultural Show - Sunday 2nd July, 2017 (confirmed)

To be eligible to contest this competition, you need to fill in the entry form

Download 2016/17 National High Points Competition Details and Offline Nomination Form

return completed form with entry fees of $20 for each Section you wish to contest – either led or ridden or both.

The maximum entry fee per horse is $40.

Or nominate online here