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2015 SAQ State Championship

Our Nomination and Program pack for 2015 States Championship is out

Photo credit to Nikki Lou Design



Please download the whole pack (Program, Terms and Nomination) here


And dont forget to bring on the day or enclose with your nomination:

LIABILITY WAIVER FORM or for Under 18yrs this one and the Health Declaration and the Copy of official height card if entering Hunter class

All tests and guidelines can be found on our website


You will be able to pay the invoice online (with your PayPal account, Credit or Debit Card) or offline (via Bank Deposit or Cheque).

Terms & Conditions, Please note:



1.     Nomination for this event confirms you acceptance of these terms and conditions and any other SAQ guidelines that are applicable for this event (ie Horse Welfare policy etc) – see SAQ website for full copy of rules.

2.     Competitors disobeying these rules may be disqualified from this event without refund of nominations.

3.     No refunds after closing date, except with vet or medical certificate. An admin fee of $10.00 will be deducted.

4.     The organising committee reserves the right to cancel any class; alter times; refuse any entry with or without stating the reason.

5.     Neither the organising committee of this event nor the SAQ accepts any responsibility whatsoever for any accident, damage, injury or illness to horses, riders, ground spectators or any other person or property.

6.     Protests must be submitted in writing within 30 minutes of an incident occurring and a $100 fee will apply. The fee will only be refunded if the protest is upheld.

7.     All junior participants (under 18 years) must be accompanied by a parent/guardian throughout the entire event, including on-site camping.

8.     Volunteers are not required to be members of SAQ and are not required to pay day insurance.

9.     Complying helmets and boots must be worn. Strictly no helmet/no ride policy at this event – no exceptions.

10.  This is a formal show and formal attire is expected.

11.  All Stallions/Colts must be bitted or chained at any time.  Display of EA Stallion disks is encouraged.  Stallions/colts are to be led/handled/supervised by persons 18yo or over only.

12.  Hendra vaccinations not compulsory for this event.

13.  All horses must present for this competition drug free.

14.  Completed Liability Forms and Horse Health Declarations forms must be submitted by all participants upon arrival at the event.



15.  This event is open to all Purebred and Partbred Standardbreds (proof of registration for Partbreds or Purebreds that do not carry a recognised freezebrand is required).

16.  Partbred Horses are horses that are a minimum of 25% standardbred. Partbreds must be registered with SAQ or HRA to participate in SAQ Events. They can contest any class that states Part bred horses are eligible.

17.  Classes will be conducted under the 2014 Equestrian Australia Show Horse Rules and the SAQ Showing and Judging Guidelines, in conjunction with the rules and conditions stated herein.

18.  A horse’s age is calculated from the 1st of September.

19.  A rider/handler may enter more than one horse, however, classes will not be held up and officials will not be asked to hold horses.

20.  Rider may ride more than one horse however, horse can only be ridden in one hack level.

21.  One rider per ridden horse rule will apply with the exceptions being:

Leadline classes – a horse being entered by one rider may also be used for a leadline competitor.

Harness Classes – a horse being entered by one rider may also be used for a harness competitor (i.e. driver).

22.  Current Adoption Horse Classes are for any horse that is being adopted through the SAQ Horse Placement Program – placed between August 2014 & July 2015 (ie currently under contract).

23.  Open Adoption Horse Classes are for any horse that has completed its adoption through the SAQ Horse Placement Program and is still with its original adoptee (ie horse hasn’t been sold on/given away) – placed prior to August 2014

24.  All adoption horses are eligible to compete in all classes, including the additional adoption classes.

25.  A Race horse is a horse that is racing or has raced/trialled within 2 months of close of nominations or is in race training (ie a young horse working up).  Horse should be evidently fit.

26.  Junior Best Presented – Horse’s presentation is to be completed by the Junior handler with minimal assistance from an adult. 

27.  Horse can only participate in one Best Presented class (either Junior section or Senior section)

28.  Junior Classes are restricted to riders/handlers under the age of 18 years at time of event, unless specified otherwise in the program. Youth Classes may be offered and  restricted to riders/handlers 17-21 years), and if youth is offered, then Junior would be restricted to riders/handlers 16 & under.

29.  Senior Classes are restricted to riders/handlers 18 years and over, or if Youth (17-21years) or Masters (36 & over) is offered, Senior Classes are restricted to riders/handlers 22 – 35 years, at time of event.

30.  Master Classes (where offered) are restricted to riders/handlers 36 years and over, at time of event.

31.  Rider Classes are based on the rider’s age on the day of the show.  Judges choice  workout of no longer than 1 minute.

32.  Maiden Hack has had no wins or places in classes with more than 3 riders. Maiden horses must be shown in a snaffle bit only. No chains, pelhams or double bridles will be accepted. Horses in Maiden Classes are not required to canter but may show canter if the option is given. A horse that paces in maiden classes should not be penalised for pacing during a workout.

33.  Beginner Hack is a horse that has had no more than 3 wins and/or Champion in classes with more than 3 riders. Beginner horses must be shown in a snaffle bit only. No chains, pelhams or double bridles will be accepted. Horses in Beginner Classes are not required to canter but may show canter if the option is given. A horse that paces in beginner classes should not be penalised for pacing during a workout.

34.  Novice Hack is a horse that has had no more than 6 wins, nor won 2 Championships in Hack or similar ridden show classes. Novice horses must be shown in a snaffle bit only. No chains, pelhams or double bridles will be accepted. Horses in Novice Classes should be able to perform basic manoeuvres in walk, trot and canter, with adequate time for progressive transitions. Allowances can be made for a few pace strides occurring in the workout. The Novice is not expected to be fully educated, but should be able to complete a basic workout in a reasonable manner.

35.  Open Hack for any horse that is ineligible to contest a maiden, beginner or novice  ridden show class. Horses in Open Classes are expected to demonstrate their ability at walk, trot and canter and are expected not to pace. More advanced movements, for example, serpentines, simple changes, lengthened strides and rein back, may be requested as part of a workout.

36.  Under saddle – Workout as per judges instruction. Canter is optional for Maiden/Beginner Hacks. Some canter should be shown by Novice Hacks. Open Hacks are expected to canter.

37.  Best Educated – Free choice workout, not to exceed 1 minute in duration.  Canter is optional for Maiden/Beginner Hacks. Some canter should be shown by Novice Hacks. Open Hacks are expected to canter.

38.  Pleasure – Work out as per judges instruction.  Riders must ride one handed as per judges instruction. Horse in all pleasure classes must be presented in correct tack for pleasure class.  No drop style nosebands, no whips/canes, no spurs, snaffle bit only, no double bridles, no curb chains.

39.  Show Hunter is not required to demonstrate jumping ability, therefore no jumps will be incorporated in workout.

40.  Working Hunter must demonstrate jumping ability therefore horses will be asked to negotiate two (2) jumps not exceeding 50cm during their workout. Hunter workouts will be as per judge’s instruction. For more information on Hunter classes, see:

41.  Challenge Rider Hack class The SAQ has designed this experience class on the Riders Level not on the horse’s wins under saddle or experience. This class is designed for Riders that are extremely nervous or the raw beginner that is not able to compete in a class with other riders. E.g. an Adult beginner or a rider returning after an accident. Workouts will be individual and under judges instruction. The SAQ reserves the right to challenge nominations in this level if they deem necessary. No double bridles allowed in this class. Competitors for this class will be verified by SAQ committee for eligibility.

42.  Lead line is for those who are not capable of riding their horse by themselves.  Appropriate handler to accompany entry.  Rider should show some ability to ride/control the horse. Lead line is for children under 10 years old (unless program states age groups).

43.  Related Horses – This is a pair of horses who are immediately related, ie: Both horses are by the same Sire or out of the same Dam. Also accepted are the Sire or Dam and their direct progeny.

44.   Harness Classes

In Harness classes, the horse, harness, vehicle and whip/s (Driver/s) are to be judged. The judge will take into account the overall look, condition and safety of the horse and the gear, relative to the class being contested.

·         Turnout - the presentation, cleanliness and the completeness of the horse, vehicle and driver (and groom if present) will be taken into account.

·         Racing harness – horses and drivers should be in correct race attire, harness and sulky, as if they were about to compete in a race. Note: Horses in hobbles should pace during workouts. Horse’s without hopples can either pace or trot but should perform the majority (greater than 75%) of any workouts in that gait.

·         Pleasure harness – horses to be shown in more traditional style harness and vehicle (sulky, buggy, viceroy etc). Driver’s (and groom’s if present) attire should be relevant the vehicle/period.

·         The workouts will be prepared by the judge. SAQ recommends these classes may include; transitions, lengthening of stride, change of rein, halt and rein back and/or pacing or trotting through cones/obstacles. The canter is unsuitable in any Harness class.

·         Competitors may enter either Racing or Pleasure Classes, however vehicle, harness & attire must suit section, ie; Racing turnout will not be allowed in Pleasure classes and vice versa.

·         Obstacle Course The judge is asked to consider all horses, no matter what harness type they are presented in, and judge the horse’s workout and driver’s ability to satisfy the requirements of the workout requested.  Horses and drivers  in this class are judged on their ability to follow instructions, use discrete aids while manoeuvring through a course of at least five obstacles and demonstrating a variety of gaits between obstacles.

·         Barrel Race  Horse and driver attempt to complete a clover-leaf pattern around preset barrels in the fastest time.


45.  Novelty Classes

Novelty classes are not eligible for point allocation towards Top 5 Awards.

100 m walk race – must be undertaken at a walk, if horse breaks gait at all they are eliminated.

Pairs ribbon race – Pair of Riders are to follow a set short course with riders riding abreast and holding a ribbon between them. If either rider drops their end of the ribbon, their team is eliminated.

Trot/Pace race under saddle – Trot/pace gait.  If horse breaks gait once, rider must pull back to trot/pace. If horse breaks gait twice you are eliminated. Trot/pace race under saddle will be run over one lap of the outdoor arena.


All classes rosettes 1st to 6th  place                            

Champion and Reserve Champion Rosettes

Sash & Garland for Supremes                                     

Junior Award                                                 

Judges Choice Award

President’s Award

SAQ Adoption Horse Award                                       

Encouragement Award

Top 5 - Most Successful Exhibits (based on horse’s performance)

Top 5 – Most Successful Exhibitors (based on exhibitor’s results with all horses shown)


·         Top 5 Exhibit is calculated on the horse’s placings in all 2015 SAQ State Championship classes it contests, this is not limited by who leads, rides or drives the horse in its classes. (NB: Points from all 2015 State Championships will be combined to calculate all Top 5 awards.)

·         Top 5 Exhibitor is calculated on the exhibitors placings in all classes with all horses that they lead, ride or drive in all 2015 SAQ State Championship classes they contests.

·         Top 5 awards will be calculated by: 

1st - 6 points, 2nd - 5 points, 3rd - 4points, 4th - 3 points, 5th - 2 points, 6th - 1 point.

Plus additional points for Champion – 5 points.  Reserve Champion – 3 points.  Supreme - 8 points

·         Where two horses tie for Top 5 Awards, a count-back will be conducted.

·         All 1st or 2nd place getters for any class that leads to a Champion must stay ringside in order to contest the Champion and Reserve Champion. Champion awards will not be delayed if a competitor is not ringside at the time.

·         Any horse that places first in the class (or rider for rider classes), may contest the champion for that section.

·         Championships – Winners from all eligible classes for each Championship offered will contest for Champion, upon sashing Champion, the 2nd placegetter to Champion will be eligible to contest for Reserve Champion.

·         Supreme will be judged from the Champions only from the eligible classes. Supreme Champions will be contested by any horse that has won a Champion for the relevant section where a Supreme Champion is on offer, with the following exceptions:

Champion Best Presented

Champion Part Bred

Related Pairs

Leadline Classes

Challenge Hack

·         President’s Award will be selected by the President of SAQ

·         Junior Award will be selected by the organising committee, based on the Junior competitor who shows the most sportsman like behaviour, respect towards the judge and officials and kindness and respect to their horse/s

·         Encouragement Award will be selected by the organising committee.

·         Judges’ Choice award awarded at discretion of the judges

·         Adoption Horse Award will be chosen by Horse Placement Officer.  Open Adoption rules apply.



SAQ Member Full Program

$120 per horse and rider


Non SAQ Member Full Program

$180 per horse and rider


SAQ Member Per Class



Non SAQ Member Per Class plus $15 per day insurance

$15    (+   $15/day)



Camping and Stabling

Please combine nominated horses/handlers on this page


Camping prices are per night.

Camp Site Fees

Cost per night

Per single Adult



Twin – can be one adult and one child or 2 adults camping together


Family – 2 Adults and 2 or 1 child



 *Child is 17 years and under



Stabling price is per night. One cleaning bond is to be paid only – returned if stable is left clean


Stable Fees

No. of horses

Price per night

Total number of horses multiplied by total number of nights

Example – 3 horses x 2 nights each = 6 x $20 per night = Total $120



X $20

Cleaning Bond per stable – please indicate number of stables



X $25

On arrival, please settle into your stable. Once settled, please notify the Steward of your arrival and of your stable number/s. This will be recorded. You will need to check out of your stable via the Steward. Your cleaning bond will be returned if your stable has been cleaned and left neat and tidy.


Just a few notes when filling in the online nomination form:

If you come with more than 1 horse, please:

1. Fill in one form for each horse

2. If you need do camp and if you need stable/s please indicate that with only one horse you enter


If you want to enter more classes just make the selection by using Strg to select classes

Once you have completed your nomination you will be transferered to page where you can make your payment online, so please wait when you want to pay with a Paypal account, your credit or debit card.


Online Nomination Form * One form per horse and rider*


email address:

SAQ Member*:
Total number Adults camping :
Total number Children (<17yrs) camping:
Total number Family (2 adults plus up tp 2 kids) camping:
Indicate Nights camping:
Total number of horses to stable:
Indicate Nights stabeling:
Total number of stables/Amount of stable bond:
1 add 4  =  Fill in the result