SAQ Adoption Program

The SAQ adoption program has been running since 2003 and we have successfully re-homed over 600 Standardbreds, retired from their racing careers. Some of these horses were retired due to injuries, or simply because they lacked speed. ›› Read more


Horse Registration

The SAQ can provide Standardbred owners with show registration cards that are necessary to contest agricultural shows and participate in the National High Point Awards and the SAQ Annual Awards. ›› Read more



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We offer the following Annual Awards and Competitions for all SAQ Members:

(Click on each link to download information and nomination forms) 

2017/2018 SAQ Members Annual Awards     (download score cards here)

2017/2018 National Standardbred High Points Competition

2017/2018 National Standardbred High Points Competion Score Card

2017/2018 Pony Club Performance Horse Award     (download score cards here)

2017/2018 Endurance Perfomance Horse Award