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The SAQ adoption program has been running since 2003 and we have successfully re-homed over 600 Standardbreds, retired from their racing careers. Some of these horses were retired due to injuries, or simply because they lacked speed. ›› Read more


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The SAQ can provide Standardbred owners with show registration cards that are necessary to contest agricultural shows and participate in the National High Point Awards and the SAQ Annual Awards. ›› Read more



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 2018 QLD Standardbred Track to Hack

The Standardbred Track to Hack series is designed to help promote the Standardbred as a successful and athletic horse that can excel in a variety of performance and show disciplines and create opportunities for an alternative lifestyle outside of racing. Through this series we will endeavour to showcase the versatility and temperament of the breed.


To compete in a Standardbred Track to Hack class, a horse must:

- Be a Purebred Standardbred registered with Harness Racing Australia or New Zealand and was originally bred for the purpose of Harness Racing.

- Be freeze branded on the neck with a recognised freeze brand.

- Use the horse’s registered racing name and if the horse was unnamed then they will need to be shown as such.

- All horses are required to be 3 years and over.

- Horse and owner/exhibitor must reside in Queensland for the QLD Series and have done so for minimum of 3months.


Separate Standardbred Track to Hack Qualifying Classes for Queensland Entrants will be run at 9 nominated Qld Agricultural Shows throughout the 2018 show season:



Warwick Show - Sunday 25th March


Kilcoy Show - Saturday 7th April


Marburg Show - Saturday 12th May


Ipswich Show - Sunday 20th May


Caboolture Show - Sunday 10th June


Lowood Show - Saturday 16th June


Sunshine Coast Show - Sunday 17th June


Kalbar Show - Saturday 23rd June


Redcliffe Show - Sunday 1st July



2018 Qld Standardbred Track to Hack final will be held at Gatton Showgrounds on 19th August 2018


The 2018 QLD Standardbred Track to Hack Series & Final is proudly sponsored by