SAQ Adoption Program

The SAQ adoption program has been running since 2003 and we have successfully re-homed over 600 Standardbreds, retired from their racing careers. Some of these horses were retired due to injuries, or simply because they lacked speed. ›› Read more


Horse Registration

The SAQ can provide Standardbred owners with show registration cards that are necessary to contest agricultural shows and participate in the National High Point Awards and the SAQ Annual Awards. ›› Read more



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The SAQ needs your help

Do you love horses? You always wanted to get more involved? We are updating our database for volunteers.

Be part of our team and help a Standardbred!

There are many ways you can help: 

A. Become a SAQ Registered Foster carer and help a Standardbred

1. What is involved in being a foster carer?

The requirements for each horse will vary depending on the condition the horse is in and if they suffer from any illness or injury.  Mostly our horses come straight from the track and just need a home until they get adopted.

2. What are the expenses involved?

All expenses to the foster horse can be covered by the SAQ.  If the carer has to pay for something out of their own pocket, SAQ is able to reimburse them (within reason).

3. How long will the horse be under my care?

Every horse is different.  All our horses stay with us until they can find a suitable Adoption home.  This may be a short time or a very long time – it depends on the horse and it's circumstances. Some are rehomed within 1 week, some might have to stay longer.

4. Can the horse be returned if I can no longer care for it?

Yes.  If the carer feels that they cannot care for the horse 100%, then the horse will go to the next foster home. 

If you think you would love to help us,  please read the Foster Carer Information Brochure and then fill in the Foster Carers Application Form. We will contact you as soon as we receive this information, and if approved, you can get started straight awaY.

B. Other Volunteer options:

1. Transport a horse:

We sometimes call out for transport. Fuel costs can be reinbursed.

2. Feeding a horse:

Sometimes we need help to feed and rug the horses. Once when you take on this kind of work , you must be committed to it and not skip your allocated shift. Horses are relying on you!

3. Paddock cleaning

Volunteers can work to their own timetable – whatever suits you.

4. Put a horse under saddle:

We find that horses who have been put under saddle will find a home much quicker. The horses are mostly broken to harness and it is very easy to put them under saddle. For this you have to be over 18 years old and have some previous experience in putting horses under saddle.

5. Get a horse used to groundwork.

         For this you have to be over 18 years old and have some previous experience with horses. 

If you think you would love to assist in some way,  please email Melissa Bell or phone 0412 973 102



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