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The SAQ adoption program has been running since 2003 and we have successfully re-homed over 600 Standardbreds, retired from their racing careers. Some of these horses were retired due to injuries, or simply because they lacked speed. ›› Read more


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The SAQ can provide Standardbred owners with show registration cards that are necessary to contest agricultural shows and participate in the National High Point Awards and the SAQ Annual Awards. ›› Read more



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Natalie and Hades



SAQ Matched – Natalie Tabb and There Goes Dusty




In 2014 I decided to adopt a Standardbred off the track. I had the pleasure of owning two wonderful Standardbreds through my teenage years who took me right through pony club and eventing with my brother, I also use to compete at the Standardbred events on one of them. I gave up riding after a fall on an eventer my parents had bought me and had a two year break before I decided I wanted to give showing a go. I was offered a horse by my Aunty as she knew I was looking for something for the show ring. She had picked up a little thoroughbred mare who she thought would be perfect so I gave her a go. I had been training this mare for the show ring for about a year and a half and getting absolutely nowhere and my dream of competing again was getting further and further away. Then my dad suggested I look into getting another Standardbred and showing them instead. After getting bucked off my mare every ride that following week I decided to contact Melissa at SAQ. I told her my predicament and told her what I was after and she was so helpful and wonderful and made the process so easy. She came back to me with three geldings that were available at the same race stable and the contact details of the trainer to organise a time to go and see them. 

I was after something for the show ring as I wanted to compete in the Standardbred classes at the Agricultural shows then maybe move into the open classes where I had planned to take my thoroughbred mare. After a few phone conversations I found myself in the car driving to a beautiful little racing stable located in the rolling hills of the Beaudesert countryside. On arrival I was greeted and taken through to the paddock where I was met with three geldings. While the first two had lovely temperaments and were lovely horses I could not take my eyes of the third long haired smaller gelding who at that stage resembled more of a wild brumby than a show horse. He was haltered and brought over to me. He was quite a bit smaller than what I was after as I was looking for something that would get noticed in the ring something bigger and bolder and as I am quite tall something that complimented me as well. The first thing I noticed was how cheeky he was and that we seemed to have an instant connection, he had a bit of spunk about him which I liked. As I looked over his body I could see the potential. He was solid bay with such a beautiful face and a lovely think bushy mane and tail and wasn’t too badly put together. All that was left to see was if he could move. By this stage they had moved the other geldings into another paddock. As Hades was un-haltered and let loose I got a taste of just how well this little guy could move. He didn’t like that he was left alone in the paddock and started to strut up and down the fence line trying to get to the others. I was blown away with his movement and knew right then I had to have him! I could not wipe the smile off my face as I drove home that day and I knew I’d be going back to get him (even though my dad told me not to pick the first one I saw haha). About 2 weeks later Hades or “There Goes Dusty” was loaded into the float to begin his new career as a show pony.